Waiting for Bob
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Waiting for Bob is on hiatus. This page will give you the most recent news.

Tuesday, June 12, 2001.

We're going to be back soon, folks. Read the index page for the scoop.

Monday, February 12, 2001.

As we promised on Friday, here's what we've decided.

First and foremost, we're both feeling that this is a pause, not a cancellation. We will be back, but just don't know when right now. The site will stay up and the archives will be kept in full intact condition while we're on hiatus, so now's a good time to point your friends at us.

We might be doing some small side projects while we're away - little standalone art pieces, prose stories, and such. We probably will offer some sort of merchandise through Cafe Press if anyone would like to support us that way. Check the index page to see if any of this stuff is happening.

While we're gone, we're also going to be thinking about new features for the site. A few people have suggested message boards, and we think that might be a useful addition. There are a few other things that have just been waiting for time and energy, and now we'll have a bit more of both. If we have anything we want tested, we'll send an announcement to the mailing list.

More news (or goodies!) when we have it!

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