Waiting for Bob
Meet the creators

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Kat: the artist

[Kat] Katrin Luessenheide Salyers is a housewife and full-time college student and is older than she looks. Her previous careers have included t-shirt printer, singing waitress and telephone psychic, each more than once. Her hobbies include extreme arts and crafts, neglecting the housework and making a fool of herself in front of people she admires. She is now in possession of an industrial-size toilet paper dispenser with her name on it (another story in itself; if you weren't there, ask someone who was).

Katrin grew up in North Dakota (really) and now lives in suburban Denver, Colorado with her husband and two cats. She hopes someday to be once again gainfully employed.

Send e-mail, accolades and job offers to kat@waitingforbob.com.

Doug: the writer

Doug Doug "Sirilyan" Sheppard writes with the flair of a younger, drunker James Joyce, with the exception of that rapier Irish wit, that command of the English language, and that stack five miles high of published works. Also, he is not dead.

When he's not telling Sean what television shows to watch, Doug works as a freelance web developer, writing search engines, searchable databases, and online ordering systems. He does this from home, which means that he has heard of the concept of wearing a tie, but just can't visualize it. Feel free to hate him.

If you just can't get enough of Doug's words, you might be interested to know that he is a contributing editor at CMP's WebTools site. Thrill to his wisdom in matters related to JavaScript and Perl. Thrill, damn you!

Doug craves email, and you can feed his sad little addiction at doug@waitingforbob.com.

* So you wanted to know why this page sometimes looks different when you reload it? Well, the answer's simple: we didn't want to give one person top billing over the other, so the dynamic code that builds this page puts Doug first during odd-numbered seconds, and Katrin first during even-numbered seconds. It'll all even out (or odd out, maybe) in the wash.

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