Waiting for Bob
Story Guide
Story Guide
January 11, 1999   Work and Print
It all starts here, in front of a television.
January 20, 1999   Hopes and Dreams
What do you want to be when you grow up?
February 1, 1999   Tripping Out
Sure, the records are good. But it's just not the same unless you see them live.
February 15, 1999   Cultural Wastelands are Good
Two characters on a couch watching television. It's the most original plot ever.
February 22, 1999   Video Games are Better
Video games give so much, and ask so little in return, aside from the $60 a game.
March 1, 1999   Stand and Wait
Bernie takes Sean on a tour of her workplace, and handles a work crisis with only a little bit of panic.
March 15, 1999   Too Dark to Read
Sean is not a dog person.
April 5, 1999   No Stereotypes Week
Jane crusades against stereotypes, in a special message to you, the reader.
April 12, 1999   Publish or Perish
Who would've thought changing the world meant working on weekends?
May 3, 1999   Rarer Than Ever
When the cable goes out, it's Sean that suffers the most.
May 24, 1999   Hunting and Gathering
Cleanup in aisle seven.
June 14, 1999   Babes in Toyland
Just the necessities of life: reading materials, filmed drama, edible panties.
June 28, 1999   Racing Rats
Work harder, not smarter.
July 5, 1999   Cross Check
Has your luggage been in your control at all times? Are you sure?
July 12, 1999   Going West
The Bobbins crossover! Sean and Bernie have adventures in the land across the pond.
July 19, 1999   Back at the Ranch
Don't think Jane has nothing to do just because Sean and Bernie are gone. Know it for a fact.
August 9, 1999   More Strips About Furniture and Food
100% furniture shopping. 0% Talking Heads once you get past the title.
August 30, 1999   Branch Office
Bernie and a new client clash over trees and tickets.
September 13, 1999   The Gig Is Up
Remember, kids: don't drink and drink.
October 11, 1999   Work Buy Consume Die
Focus groups are the backbone of the nation's economy.
October 25, 1999   Tenant Match
They can't pay the rent! They must pay the rent!
November 15, 1999   Really Just Relax
At a not-too-distant party, somewhere in time and space, Bernie shows off her latest purchase.
December 13, 1999   Pounding the Pavement
Jane learns the facts about business life.
December 20, 1999   Hitting the Road
Face it, Canada is funny.
January 10, 2000   Liquidity
Sean learns the facts about business life. And ignores them all.
January 31, 2000   Wait Up
Television journalism: oxymoron or contradiction? A very special When I Grow Up crossover.
February 7, 2000   Great Expectations
February 13, 2000   Goodbye
Charles Schulz: 1922-2000
February 14, 2000   Security Despot
February 21, 2000   Doug's Totally True Toronto Trip Diary
"So, what did you do on your winter vacation?" Doug fills time during a long-overdue holiday for Katrin.
February 28, 2000   Chocolate Eclair
March 6, 2000   Earworm
Jane gets a song stuck in her head. Whatever will she do wah diddy diddy dum diddy do?
March 13, 2000   For All The Others
March 27, 2000   Booking
April 3, 2000   Supply and Demand
Caffeine isn't always a renewable resource.
April 24, 2000   The Product
May 1, 2000   Like That
But do you feel that way?
May 22, 2000   The Most Dangerous Game
June 19, 2000   Cash and Carry
July 3, 2000   Exit Poll
July 17, 2000   Pass the Ketchup
August 7, 2000   1D
... And maaaany moooore.
August 28, 2000   Gapspotting
Everybody in the exact same thing.
September 11, 2000   Higher Education
Can there be any greater thing in life than the pursuit of learning? Yes. Yes there can.
September 18, 2000   Gettin' e-Busy
Invest those dotcom dollars now.
September 25, 2000   cafdrink.com
The User Friendly crossover. (Hey, we could've called it Disco Puppy.)
October 9, 2000   Not Available in Stores
Jane helps put the sch in kitsch.
October 23, 2000   We Can't Rewind
I met your children/ What did you tell them?
November 6, 2000   Sick
It's just the sniffles, really.
November 27, 2000   That Bind
The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.
December 25, 2000   Season's Greetings, And So Forth
December 27, 2000   Sugar Daddy
January 22, 2001   Mild at Heart
February 28, 2001   We're On Hiatus, But...

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