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These links are all stuff that we like. Either Doug or Kat thinks that what's on these pages is worth your time to visit. If you'd like to suggest a link for us, just drop an email and we'll take a look.

Great online comics

  • goats: the comic strip by Jon Rosenberg stars a guy named Jon, his friend Philip, the hedonist goat Toothgnip and the satanist chicken Diablo. Clever and original.
  • Bobbins Online comes from the land over the pond, where elevators are lifts and hamburgers eat people. John Allison's art and humor are top-notch. Check out what happened when Sean and Bernie visited!
  • User Friendly is geeky, but we mean that in a good way. Anyone who actually has emotional attachment to words like "Slackware" or "Debian" either already reads this strip, or desperately needs to.
  • Avalon is about a high school student named Ceilidh. Ceilidh is the Gaelic word for "I brought my fiddle and a two-four of beer, did you remember to pick up the Captain Morgan?" (Or, at least, that's how Doug remembers it being used where he grew up.) It's things like this that make Kat want to go to Canada.
  • When I Grow Up is about talking donkeys, television journalism, pyrokinesis, and sexual tension. Even though it's funny, it still doesn't make either of us want to go to Oklahoma. (And it's ended its run, alas...)
  • But where When I Grow Up ends, Project THINGY begins! Follow the adventures of WIGU's Neal Wyckoff as he joins a secret organization so secret, nobody remembers what THINGY stands for.
  • Smoke and Mirrors Entertainment is just part of the thriving Saskatoon comics and animation scene. And they're genuinely nice guys, too.
  • The Falling Dream is answering America's craving for single-panel comics featuring round people with ill-fitting pants. It's also a punster's delight.
  • Funny Farm by Ryan Smith stars a talking dog, a talking cat, a talking bird, and two things that talk that are animals of some sort. Don't let that turn you off; it's still better than many strips featuring an all-human cast.
  • Bruno by Chris Baldwin is funny and poignant and sometimes hits far too close to home. It's a single panel in the wide newspaper format, and the fact that it's not in your local paper right now is a crime.
  • Superosity is Chris Crosby's autobiography, unless he's been lying all along and really hasn't travelled through time with a talking board to prevent his brother from destroying the world.
  • Scott Bateman once played the Sun in a play about the Solar System. These days, he draws political cartoons, and they're funny as hell.
  • Bob The Angry Flower (no relation) is by a guy whose username is "snotley". What more do you need to know? Okay, okay, it's also surreal and clever and has great artwork.
  • Red Meat (from the secret files of Max Cannon) is sick. Utterly, twistedly, indelibly sick. And you'll laugh your head off.
  • Bob 'n' Ed is about Bob. He's a loser. Ed's a loser too. Irregularly updated but worth the wait.
  • Absurd Notions by Kevin Pease is about people who gather around a table for some gaming. Got fond memories of B1: Keep on the Borderlands? So does Kevin.
  • Freefall: furries in space.
  • PvP is gaming. If you've drooled over Diablo, questioned your addiction to Quake, or waxed nostalgic for Asteroids, this is the comic for you.
  • Penny Arcade are just a pair of damned commercial shills. Just ask them.

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