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Online Ordering?

We'd love to do online ordering, but at the moment the costs are prohibitive. If you would like to have handy, convenient point-and-click ordering, the best way for it to happen is to buy so much merchandise it becomes feasible to spend the money ;-)

We're exploring several ways of getting a genuine, honest-to-gosh Waiting for Bob book in print!

If you want to buy it: Add yourself to our announcement mailing list if you haven't already. You can subscribe on the mail page (once we finish setting it up). When anything happens, the announcement list will be the first to hear.

If you want to publish it: We'd love to hear from publishing houses that would like to help us. We've got a few simple conditions (no exclusive print rights, good quality product, reasonable prices) that shouldn't be hard to meet. If you think your company fits, drop us a line.

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