Waiting for Bob
News for June, 2000
June 15, 2000

Online comic strip "Waiting For Bob" launches mobile edition

Linux And Open Source Software Is Mentioned In Cynical Attention Ploy

For Immediate Release
June 15, 2000

Contact: Doug Sheppard
306 652-3872

DENVER, COLORADO and SASKATOON, SASKATCHEWAN - Waiting for Bob, a popular web comic strip (www.waitingforbob.com), is now available in a mobile edition for users of the AvantGo wireless Web service (www.avantgo.com). AvantGo's service and free software allow users of PalmOS and Windows CE PDAs to download web pages for mobile reading.

Waiting for Bob is the first comic strip to be adapted for AvantGo's mobile browsing technology, and may be the first online comic strip to be offered in a special format for wireless devices.

"Technology is cool," said Waiting for Bob writer and site developer Doug Sheppard. "I love my Palm IIIxe, and decided to create a version of Waiting for Bob that could be downloaded and read offline."

"Doug's always pulling out that Palm IIIxe," said artist Katrin Salyers. "He can't shut up about mobile Web access and wireless communication. Sometimes I think he'd marry the thing if it was legal."

The mobile edition of Waiting for Bob is optimized for viewing on PDAs (personal digital assistants) like the Palm IIIxe, Handspring Visor, or Compaq Aero.

Open source software (www.opensource.org) is a darling of the media these days, so we feel it's worth mentioning open source in a cynical ploy for attention from geek news sites and technology writers.

Everything involved in creating the comic, except one copy of Adobe Photoshop, is open source software. The web site is created and hosted on the Linux operating system, and uses the popular back-end scripting language PHP. (For more information on Linux and PHP, visit www.linux.org or www.php.net.)

"Open source software means that instead of spending our money on expensive and buggy development tools, we can spend it on liquor and international jet travel," said Katrin. "Or so Doug tells me. I just use Photoshop."

Waiting for Bob chronicles the life and times of three twentysomethings: Sean, a bon vivant couch potato; Jane, a neurotic and reluctant yuppie; and Bernie, a hedonistic geek girl. A new comic strip is posted every weekday at http://www.waitingforbob.com. The AvantGo channel may be added to your existing AvantGo account by visiting http://avantgo.com/channels/detail.html?cha_id=1594.

(No infringement of any trademarks mentioned is intended. We wouldn't even know how to infringe if we wanted to.)

Three new comics a week, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. (Currently on pause.) Waiting for Bob is copyright © 1999-2002 Doug Sheppard and Katrin Luessenheide Salyers. You may read our privacy policy.