Waiting for Bob
News for November, 1999
November 19, 1999

Introducing... Broken By Design!

Today, we're pleased as punch to announce the launch of our second comic strip, Broken By Design. It's part of the online magazine Web Review.

Broken By Design FAQs

How often will it be published?

Once a week. Look for a new strip every Friday. Older strips will be archived at Web Review.

Who's in it?

The strip features Bernie and her coworkers - Ken, Lewis, Elaine, and Chad. It's set at Bernie's workplace, which we visited previously in Stand and Wait and Branch Office.

Oh no! Does this mean Bernie's going away?

Nope! Broken By Design is a spinoff, not a replacement. Think of it this way: Bernie's personal life happens in Waiting for Bob; her professional life happens in Broken By Design.

So, are Sean, Jane, and Disco going to make any guest appearances?

Good question. When we have an answer, you'll be the first to know. ;-)

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