Waiting for Bob
News for August, 1999
August 2, 1999

Waiting for Bob postcards!

We've been working on this postcard service for a while, and now we think it's ready to go live. You can now send short postcards to your friends pointing them at your favorite WfB toons. If you have any suggestions for improving the postcard service, please drop Doug a note.

The postcard server is still in beta, which means that it's not going to work for some people. We're babysitting the thing for the moment to find out exactly who it won't work for and how we can make it work. If you get an error message, it's probably our fault.

By the way, if you're a geek, here's some more good news: Doug is in the process of cleaning up the source code of the postcard server, and once he's done he will release it under the terms of the Mozilla Public License. We'll set up a section of the site for software support.

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