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Reader mail for January, 2000
January 11, 2000
Just some of the mail we got on our first anniversary... some more came to our personal inboxes, but we don't post those without permission.
 From: Eric Zuckerman
To: letters@waitingforbob.com
Subject: Happy 1 year!

Hi --

Just wanted to congratulate you on 1 year of the strip. I found it through "Number 12's Webcomic Reviews," although I kind of know Doug from #callahans .

Hey, put in a link to the Broken By Design page! (I like that you had continuity for the New Year's Eve strip -- Bernie being on vacation in both strips. But the guy who stayed overnight was a Sean clone...) Bernie rules!
 Date: Tue, 11 Jan 2000 13:47:21 -0500
From: "Peter Vinton, Jr."
To: letters@waitingforbob.com
Subject: Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday to one of the best, most original comic strips to emerge in years! You guys are the best; keep it up! Hope to be wishing you a happy second birthday (and a fifth, and a tenth, etc...)
 From: FruWench
To: letters@waitingforbob.com
Subject: Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday guys! And many more. WFB was the first online comic strip I ever read, now I've got 5. Thanks for the addiction, what a great place to start.
 From: alan
To: letters@waitingforbob.com
Subject: Congratulations

I love your strip, and the comic's not bad either (that was painful - even the knife in my hand couldn't stop it).

Bernie is of course my favourite, being so witty, urbane and scarily fun (or funnily scary). I have to admit Jane can annoy sometimes, with her whining and whingeing, but every now and then she cracks me up, so it all evens out.

Good luck for many more years of collaboration and thank you for entertaining me so well.


PS I loved their trip to Canada - especially Bernie's contretemps with the cop.
 From: Stephanie Hodges
To: letters@waitingforbob.com
Subject: Whee!

Yay one year! Congrats, you two. It's been a year you've kept me amused, at least. ^_^

So... are you doing another Frütripping story? ;)
 From: Mindy J Munson
To: letters@waitingforbob.com
Subject: wow

...a year. congrads! And I see Rhonda, woohoo! =+) I hope you have many more years to come
January 25, 2000
From: Heather
To: letters@waitingforbob.com
Subject: Regarding 21 January

Dear Doug and Kat,

God Bless Anthony Burgess and God Bless Waiting For Bob.

Thank you,
Heather Moore

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