Waiting for Bob
Reader mail for July, 1999
July 2, 1999
From: Stephanie D. Hodges
To: letters@waitingforbob.com
Subject: :)

Doug & Kat,

Hey you two, noticed you haven't had any reader mail in awhile, so I thought I'd contribute. You keep getting funnier, and the artwork keeps getting better. Thanks for keeping us entertained. :)

July 3, 1999
From: Dr. Smudge
To: letters@waitingforbob.com
Subject: Bobbins crossover etc

Dear Douggie and Katness,

Bernie rocks my world. Is she single? Cos if she is, you should send her my phone number. I'd marry her in a second--that is, if I dated girls.

Anyway, just to let you know, I am a huge fan of Waiting For Bob, and a big fan of Bobbins, too. This crossover news makes me orgasmically happy. Just so you know, the *real* main character in Bobbins is Amy. (Proof: http://www.geocities.com/Wellesly/Atrium/4401/) As long as you make sure she is in every strip you'll be fine. If not--

we know where you live. ;-)

Keep up the extraordinarily good work,
July 5, 1999
From: Richard F. Kempter
To: Waiting4Bob
Subject: Disco

I see Disco appearing more often. Will he be as prominent as Daisy is in Dagwood?

Still love the strip.
July 10, 1999
From: Ross Hendry
To: doug@waitingforbob.com
Subject: A-Team

Sadly The A-Team is not currently being shown but ITV does have a rotation of crap tv shows that it cycles round. I'm hoping that SeaQuest DSV comes back on soon!


It's the Galaxies Greatest Comic,
Now check out the web site!
July 15, 1999
From: jon rosenberg
To: john@bobbins.org, doug@waitingforbob.com, kat@waitingforbob.com
Subject: yes!

god, this crossover is great. i'm going to blow up the last panel of john's strip and hang it on my wall.

j o n a t h a n r o s e n b e r g

July 16, 1999
From: David Johnson
To: letters@waitingforbob.com
Subject: Great Storyline!

I really enjoyed the intertwining of stories between Bobbins and Waiting for Bob. I hope you do it again. Perhaps the English can come for a visit to the US sometime?
Everybody repeat after me....."We are all individuals."
July 19, 1999
From: John Allison
To: "'doug@waitingforbob.com'" , "'katrin@dimensional.com'"
Subject: Thanks

Dear Kat and Doug,

thanks for making the crossover week the most popular in Bobbins' 10 month history. Beautiful pictures, fab words. You're both ace.

Have a good week

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