Waiting for Bob
Reader mail for June, 1999
June 1, 1999
From: MREDK3
To: letters@waitingforbob.com
Subject: merchandise

If you sell the Moxy Fruvous dol- excuse me-inaction figures that were seen in a previous strip, id buy them. And put them on my dashboard. And maybe another set on my computer. And maybe a set on the entertainment center.
June 2, 1999
From: Steve Jackson
To: doug@waitingforbob.com
Subject: Enjoying it...

Keep up the good work. I like these guys.

A bitch: the new site design makes it harder (or maybe just inobvious) to catch up on missed stories. I like the "beginning of this sequence" button, but then it seems to want me to read one strip at a time rather than 5 at a time, as I could before. Unless I am missing something.

Also, I have to reset my browser window when I come here, because it's so @#$%@$% wide.

Also, there's a mosquito bite on my ankle and it really itches.

Say hi to Reverend Sean for me.

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June 3, 1999
From: Paul Saunders
To: doug@waitingforbob.com
Subject: From Down Under...

G'day Doug,

I like the cartoon.... especially the new storyline for Hunting and Gathering. Keep up the good work, and don't stop being sarcastic. I've just read the entire archive while I am waiting for a CD to burn here at work.

June 4, 1999
From: Rachel Hartman
To: letters@waitingforbob.com
Subject: Merchandising! Where the real money is made!

Dear Doug and Kat,

If you're looking for merchandising ideas, have you thought about mousepads?
June 12, 1999
From: Louis W. Erickson
To: kat@waitingforbob.com, doug@waitingforbob.com
Subject: Waiting For Bob...

Both of you, in no particulat order,

I wanted to write and say "Thank you!" for Waiting For Bob. I read several online comics, but I think it's WfB I enjoy the most.

The things that happen so remind me of the strange and only vaguely credible things that actually happen to me, which I appreciate, and the people ring true to people I know.

The artwork is clean, and clear, but also contains plenty of little details.

I enjoy the comic very much, and thought I'd let you both know it.

-- Lou Erickson
just this guy in Seattle.

June 17, 1999
From: Sarah Barlow
To: letters@waitingforbob.com
Subject: current story line

Doug/Katrin, this current story line is *great*! i'm thoroughly enjoying this. it gives me the giggles. Bernie reminds me a lot of me.....er, uh oh, did i reveal too much? err, never mind that. heh. really. forget it.

 From: Katrina & JW King
To: doug@waitingforbob.com
Subject: *ARGH!!!!*

Doug, I'm going to hurt you. And Kat. But mostly you, cuz you're the voice... AND YOU LEFT IT AT SUCH AN INTERESTING SPOT!!!!!!

*faint grumble* You're worse than the dramedy/sitcoms on tv you know.....

*grin* On the upside, love the current storyline. ;)
June 18, 1999
From: Tim Brown
To: doug@waitingforbob.com
Subject: rip off!

okay, NOW i'd have to say you're trying a little too hard to get people to accuse you of ripping off terry moore...
June 29, 1999
From: Katrina & JW King
To: doug@waitingforbob.com
Subject: Mamet

..you're right. It is sort of reminiscient of his rapid fire, lack of verbage style. But it was missing the cursing. ;) Violently.


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