Waiting for Bob
Reader mail for May, 1999
May 19, 1999
From: jon
To: letters@waitingforbob.com
Subject: she knows how to use them

jane has nice legs.

j o n a t h a n r o s e n b e r g

May 22, 1999
From: Barb Fischer
To: letters@waitingforbob.com
Subject: "Waiting for Bob" kudos


I just wanted to write and tell you how much I enjoy "Waiting for Bob". The storylines are entertaining; the link to get to the beginning of the storylines is very helpful, especially since I've been getting friends to read the strip (they enjoy beging able to get to the beginning without a lot of wading); and the art is lovely.

Plus, there's the fact that I'm a dead ringer for Bernie. Finding a strip that has a character that looks just like you is always amusing. :)

Keep up the good work!

Barb Fischer
Insanity runs in my family... It practically gallops. -- Mortimer Brewster
May 31, 1999
From: Heather Moore
To: doug@waitingforbob.com
Subject: Regarding the Eagle

Hey Doug (I didn't want to send this to both of you, so you can forward this to Kat if you think she'd wanna read it),

Heather Moore here, from amm-f. Just wanted to give some feedback on the redesigned site. Overall, nice job. I miss the old side bars, though -- they were quite aesthetically pleasing and gave the whole place a nice look. I'm so fantastically in love with the fact that I don't have to scroll sideways and down in order to look at the comic anymore. YAY! The additions to the Cast pages (as well as the ever-changing Crew page) are fun. In terms of merchandise, I'd love to see tee-shirts along the lines of the goats.com "Spam" tee (with which I am smitten) or one of the shirts on redmeat.com (which, I notice, is not linked to ya'll. C'mon! It's a great great comic!). I'm pleased to see the mail archived, as well. I guess my only real complaint (if you can even call it a complaint, which it really isn't) is the menu bar at the top. It's just sort of...anticlimactic? It's seems...mundane. Bring back the neat writing and the red, white, and black colour scheme! (You asked, remember that. :-) Anywho, ya'll are doing a great job. Keep it up.

Heather Moore, ever critical but always appreciative

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