Waiting for Bob
Reader mail for March, 1999
March 8, 1999
From: Richard F. Kempter
To: Waiting4Bob
Subject: Great strip

Doug + Kat,
I've been alerted to your strip from the Goats.com page and love it. Every strip is very good and I loved the Roadtrip series. Keep up the good work. I'll keep reading.

Rich Kempter
March 30, 1999
From: Srm9988n@aol.com
To: letters@waitingforbob.com
Subject: the Gigantbox!

Hey you two wisenheimers!

On the 3/14 page you announced that Kat "bought" a toilet paper dispenser in Toronto. As One Who Was There, I wish to set the record straight! It most certainly was not Bought! So there!

-- Lori, who has all-too-vivid recall of such events.
 From: Rachel Hartman
To: letters@waitingforbob.com
Subject: Disco and other horrors

Dear Doug and Kat:

Nice to see another addition to the "Waiting for Bob" characters - but I'm curious: is Disco related to Odie? And does that mean that we'll be seeing a Garfield relative later on?

Keep 'em coming!

Rachel Hartman

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