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These links are all stuff that we like. Either Doug or Kat thinks that what's on these pages is worth your time to visit. If you'd like to suggest a link for us, just drop an email and we'll take a look.

Non-comic smartalecks

  • The Onion is the only news source you will ever need.
  • TVBarn is Aaron Barnhart's web site about television. Aaron writes about the tube for the Kansas City Star, and he writes well, because he genuinely likes the medium. There's also a collection of teevee news stories from the wires, updated daily.
  • LILEKS (James). Despite his WEIRD (Somewhat) page-titling habits, James Lileks is one of the best in the field of homespun what-I-did-today commentary. He also has an infatuation with the architecture of downtown Minneapolis, and a keen eye for the corporate culture of yesterday that has become today's kitsch and irony.
  • The Straight Dope is not about trivia. It is vitally important to know whether or not the Swiss army really uses Swiss army knives, and your life may one day depend on being able to speak of the pompatus of love.
  • TeeVee is sarcastic and snarky and occasionally witty, and always a fun read, except when they accept one of Doug's submissions.
  • Früvous Dot Com and Frühead Dot Com are sites dedicated to the folk-rock quartet Moxy Früvous. Check 'em out; that's good music-makin'.

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