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August 22, 2002: We're On Hiatus, But... (Day 6)
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Jul 3, 2002

Dec 23, 2002

Waiting for Bob: 20020822
Story begins February 28, 2001
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Update: August 22, 2002

They're back! Did you miss 'em?

Thanks to everyone who donated to Kat's 3-Day Walk fund! We raised a total of $400 - not enough for her to be allowed to walk, but she did volunteer and your money will be used for cancer research.

We are now putting the finishing touches on a Secret Project. More I cannot say right now.

Also, proving beyond all doubt that truth is stranger than fiction, there is a new product on the shelves of my local supermarket called Nescafe Ice. It is, in every single detail, Caf! I will try to get a photo of myself holding this wondrous product for you as soon as possible.

Your patience, as always, is appreciated.

Faithfully yrs.,
Doug, writing half

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