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July 3, 2002: We're On Hiatus, But... (Day 5)
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Mar 24, 2002

Aug 22, 2002

Waiting for Bob: 20020703
Story begins February 28, 2001
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The State Of The Union, Part 215

The date: July 3, 2002. Happy Canada Day to our Canadian readers; happy Fourth of July to our American readers; and to the rest of the world, how about that World Cup, huh?

Today's update is not just more of the same: yes, we are reaffirming our good faith in our return to regular publishing, and no, we haven't set a date.

But this time, we're trying to get you to send money. It would make me feel good to say that it's because we're just that greedy, but actually, it is for charity.

As you see above, Katrin is participating in the Colorado portion of the Avon Breast Cancer 3-Day, and she needs pledges. [Or needed them, anyway, at the time. We've taken down the link.]

Thanks for your continuing patience and patronage. You rock. Forum code will be entering active development shortly.

-- yr faithful creatives,
Doug, writing half
Kat, drawing half

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