Waiting for Bob
March 24, 2002: We're On Hiatus, But... (Day 4)
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Dec 30, 2001

Jul 3, 2002

Waiting for Bob: 20020324
Story begins February 28, 2001
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April 8 Update

Sorry for the downtime today. Seems that someone in the West Coast region targeted the box we're hosted on for a denial of service attack. I'm not sure if this means we have enemies, or we just happen to be using the same machine as someone with enemies...

Oh, and the reason the navigation was screwed up? That'd be because I went a little too needlessly aggressive in a new security measure... sorry about that!

Incremental Update: April 1, 2002

No foolin' today, folks.

First off, the archive section now has character guides complete through the end of 1999. (This is part of the site redesign. If you haven't seen the site redesign yet, please take a look. Comments always welcome.)

Second, I'm starting work on the mythical, unicorn-like forum software. People on the announcement mailing list will be seeing various questions and pleas for information this week.

And third, check out the Television City Chronicle. Now that's journalism with a capital TV.

workin' hard, hardly workin'

The State Of The Union, Part 214

Okay, it's now March 24, 2002. The last time we updated, I mentioned that yes, we're coming back, and no, we haven't set a date. Well, I now have some new information for you:

  1. Yes, we're coming back
  2. No, we haven't set a date

But! Please don't feel ripped off. This time we are going to provide you with a whole bunch of new information to play with!

First off, anyone who is in the metro Denver area can now see brand-new Kat comics in Go-Go, Colorado's entertainment source. For those who aren't lucky enough to live in the vicinity, we offer the first two comics, arbitrarily titled Fashion Bulletin and Peeps.

Next, those who haven't been reading their User Friendly may have missed this homage by Doug (and Iambe) to everyone's favorite homage to everyone's favorite newspaper. There may be more on the way!

And finally, we're working on a site redesign. This new design will leave no stone unturned in our quest to bring you an online comic that you will be proud to share with friends and loved ones, and even with enemies and random strangers. Check it out and please send comments on it! (Ideally, site viewable in anything that supports nested tables. Site spiffy-looking in recent browsers. Let us know if this isn't the case for you!)

So that is where we stand today. Thank you to everyone who's written, and thanks for your (continuing) patience! Keep those cards and letters coming!

-- yr faithful creatives,
Doug, writing half
Kat, drawing half

(P.S.: Yes, the site redesign will give us a way of letting you skip past the cast-as-kids cartoon we've kept up all this time. Honest.)

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