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February 5, 2001: Mild at Heart (Day 7)
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Feb 2, 2001

Feb 28, 2001

Waiting for Bob: 20010205
Story begins January 22, 2001
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Some last details...

...thanks to everyone who sent in Site of the Week suggestions! When we resume, we'll be using quite a few of them and giving credit. (If you have a site you'd like to plug with your suggestion, please let us know.)

Also, we've got a page where we'll keep our news instead of cluttering everything up. This is a stopgap measure while we figure out a better way of maintaining the index page....

Important update, February 9, 2000

(Summary: we're on hiatus)

Folks, we really need some time off. Right now both of us feel that we need to take a break, both for our own sakes and for the sake of the comic itself. (Yes, we already took some time off. Yes, we've changed our publication schedule. It still isn't enough... we need to stop for a while.)

On Monday, we'll have a little better idea about the specifics of this whole pause thing, and we'll share what we can with you. There may even be some economic and political commentary. (Unless there's not.)

The most certain way to learn what's up, by the way, is to (plug plug) subscribe to the mailing list. Anything we have to say will go out there at the same time it goes up on the site. And we promise that we'll never, ever use it for spamming.

Thanks for reading.

- yr. humble creators, Kat and Doug

Poll results

It appears that the prevailing trend for merchandise is either an individual picture or a reproduction of a favorite comic. Eleven of you had other ideas, which all seemed to involve Bernie in some way....

So this week, we're just gonna ask what you think of her.

And by the way...

We need a new Site of the Week. Any ideas?

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