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January 22, 2001: Mild at Heart (Day 1)
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Jan 11, 2001

Jan 24, 2001

Waiting for Bob: 20010122

Story begins January 22, 2001

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We're back! (mostly)

Thanks for your patience, folks. We both had some good time off, and now it's back to the grind. We're going to be putting up three comics this week, and we'll see whether we do three or five next week, depending on how our schedules work out.

Why not help us decide by steering a few of your friends toward the site? The postcard system is ideal for propaganda. :-)

Poll results

It's money. It really is money. Not even "cash" could oppose its wordy might.

"Simoleon" made a surprisingly respectable showing, though.

This week, we want to know: how many main characters are there in the cast? Don't take our word for it, you tell us! Drop us a line if you have any comments.

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