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October 23, 2000: We Can't Rewind (Day 1)
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Oct 20, 2000

Oct 24, 2000

Waiting for Bob: 20001023

Story begins October 23, 2000

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Welcome to the new digs!

Today marks the first day of our new server, hosted at a very Star Trek facility run by above.net (but we're still Voxel Dot Net customers, because Voxel rocks).

While the new DNS record seeps through the net, there may be some strangeness. Please let us know if any of it impacts you, 'kay?

Poll results

In fourteen days of asking about things sold As Seen On TV, we learned the following:

  • Just over 200 of you have bought something As Seen On TV, and a slim majority (55%) were satisfied by their purchase.
  • 67 of you can't afford such high-priced merchandise. This is understandable; in an era of NordicTrack infomercials and vacuum sealers that can crush twenty-four pop cans at once, it's hard to find the change in the couch.
  • The majority of you (a supermajority, one might say, of 528 people), have better taste than that. But I bet you haven't seen that vacuum sealer, which just screams quality with a phonetic, capital kwah. Won't you change your mind then, buddy.
  • Oh, and yes, they do sell things on television now. 300 of you seemed quite surprised.

The choices for this week's poll question, by the way, come from the track listing for Schoolhouse Rock Rocks! (Various Artists; Wea/Atlantic/Lava). So don't blame us if the best damn song of all time, the one that holds all the mysteries of the universe, isn't listed. But tell us which one it is!

Combined Brainpower Of The Internet Bonus: Remember that round yellow thing that sang that "hanker for a hunk of cheese" song? Ever wonder what it was called? Well, it did indeed have a name (Kat knows it, do you?). But is there a web site about it? What species was it? The best responses will get posted.

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