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September 11, 2000: Higher Education (Day 1)
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Sep 1, 2000

Sep 12, 2000

Waiting for Bob: 20000911

Story begins September 11, 2000

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What we did on our vacation

It's been a lovely, relaxing week off. Kat traveled to Minnesota for her mom's surprise birthday party and hung out with lots of old and new friends and relatives. Upon her return home, her car was towed and she lost her job on the same day, giving her a longer vacation than expected (as well as some nice exercise walking to get the car back).

Doug is still enjoying his much-needed getaway to Vancouver, visiting friends, taking in the night life, schmoozing up the rich and fabulous and scouting for job prospects (Kat reminds him to feel free to mention her name if any suitable openings come up).

We're happy to report that Jane suffered no long-term ill effects from the pizza, and Bernie did get to do some gadget-shopping before leaving the mall. Sean's busy taking care of his booming business, and along with many of you out there, Rhonda is headed back to college. We now return you to your regularly scheduled comic strip.

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