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March 13, 2000: For All The Others (Day 1)
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Mar 10, 2000

Mar 14, 2000

Waiting for Bob: 20000313

Story begins March 13, 2000

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Since someone asked...

Diligent reader Mindy Munson (way to go Mindy) finally mailed us the burning question that we'd been hoping for a while someone would ask. That is, "What the hell does Sean's t-shirt say, anyway?"

The answer is "The Antique" - the name and (approximate) logo of a now-nonexistent bar in East Grand Forks, Minnesota: a once-popular college hangout, source of fond memories, and famous for its souvenir t-shirts (which Katrin occasionally had the privilege of helping to design).

The full name of the establishment was The Antique Nightclub and Sportswear, which anagrams to "Want CDs? Burgle that penthouse in Iraq", "Queer Latin gent ran stupid chow's bath" and (Kat's personal favorite) "Blond witches hug at quarter past nine." All of which would have looked much cooler on a t-shirt than, say, "Ba, of boring wit."

Postcards from Cyberia

If you are deeply enthralled by the tiny dramas that make up Doug's life, you'll remember that on Thursday, he ordered a Palm IIIxe from Cyberian Outpost, and expected to get it within 48 to 72 hours.

The order was placed at about 6:20pm Thursday.

The Palm IIIxe, which is one of the greatest things in the world (surpassed only by the Palm IIIc and the Inside-The-Shell Egg Scrambler), was in Doug's hands at 1:00pm Friday.

Way less than 48 to 72 hours.

There is only one, inescapable conclusion: Cyberian Outpost are gods upon this earth.

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