Waiting for Bob
February 28, 2000: Chocolate Eclair (Day 1)
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Feb 25, 2000

Feb 29, 2000

Waiting for Bob: 20000228

Story begins February 28, 2000

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Big update day!

Kat's back Kat's back Kat's back!

Not that Doug's excited or anything. But thank you to everyone who wrote and said he could draw. He still doesn't believe it, but thank you.

To celebrate, we've put up some of our old mail. Now we only have six months of backlog. This is an improvement, sad as it may sound.

On navigation

Speaking of the writing half: Doug's cursed. The more he knows where he's going, the less people want to go where he's headed. And, of course, the opposite is also true.

So if you're ever gallivating around a strange city with Doug, and you have a sudden desire to go off and do something different instead when he invites you to this nice comic shop he knows, go with him anyway. If you wait until it sounds like a good idea, they'll find your shriveled corpse two thousand miles away from the intended destination.


We've posted our privacy policy, and a link to a survey that'll help us make more money, which means we spend more time doing comics and less time with real jobs where we actually have to, you know, work and stuff.

(Do we look like professionals yet?)

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