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February 22, 1999: Video Games are Better (Day 1)
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Feb 19, 1999

Feb 23, 1999

Waiting for Bob: 19990222

Story begins February 22, 1999

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What We Did On Our Winter Vacation

(Written in a Kinko's 6 hours before the strip deadline....)

We're back from the second annual FrüCon, which involved Kat and Doug gallivanting around Toronto listening to good music and making more or less utter fools of ourselves.

We brought along a whole bunch of our ultra-keeno business cards to hand out at the convention, and also distributed a bunch of copies of the Tripping Out storyline. It was fun meeting people who read the strip every day - and trust us, every single one of you rock both individually and collectively.

(We're also available to blatantly promote ourselves at your event or function. Drop us a line and make us an offer. Austin, Texas is a very cool place, hint hint.)

(Addendum 3:20pm Monday - If you visited early today and wanted to know why the above paragraph ended abruptly, well, let's just say that there's nothing that inspires typing errors like the fact that you're paying $18 an hour to use an unfamiliar keyboard and bad software.)

And speaking of rocking, if you need to ever buy comics or games in Toronto, go to the Hairy Tarantula on Yonge Street. That place is, and I say without reservation, da bomb. Plus, it's close by the Little House of Kebobs, and with two names like that in such close vicinity you have no choice but to rock.

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